Adjustable Focus 635nm Red Laser Module - Machines, Universal Classifieds
Adjustable Focus 635nm Red Laser Module - Machines, Universal Classifieds


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Adjustable Focus 635nm Red Laser Module

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Category: Machines, Universal
Title: Adjustable Focus 635nm Red Laser Module
Ad Number: 311
Date Posted: 1/13/2016
Contact: berlin summer
San Jose, CA 95101
Telephone: 2185068158

Adjustable Focus 635nm Red Laser Module

There are a lot of working occasions where users are
in need of high precision dot alignment, thus high
brightness 635nm red laser diode module is a very
nice selection for users to get ideal dot aligning as
expected. Together with easy screw of laser module
head part, laser dot gets temporary laser beam focus,
thus always instructing users to get high precision
dot alignment with high efficiency laser output power
emission and high beam transmittance. This advanced
laser dot alignment tool makes use of special TEM00
laser beam transverse mode, thus easily getting
compact circular laser dot. Although laser dot
targeting is processed at quite long distance, after
easy laser beam focus adjusting, this advanced red
laser module brings users the most satisfied dot
alignment precisely.
The dot aligning from 635nm red laser diode module is
much more superior than very simple sticker or laser
pointer. Besides continuous dot targeting ability, it
also ensures very accurate dot measurement at all
desired working distances. According to exact work
distance, after users are making correct selection of
output power, red laser dot keeps high brightness and
high beam visibility. Only after users are making
proper adjustment of laser beam focus, this red laser
module always ensures the best dot accuracy
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers Red Laser Diode Module
Wavelength: 635nm
Output power: 5mW-100mW
Laser Class: IIIa, IIIb
Adjustable Focus: yes
Power source: 3V-4.2V DC input power supply
Applications: military targeting, laser medical
treatment devices, button positioning on garments


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