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 Akbar Brothers Ltd. -- Exporter and packer of Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, teabags, and gift packs. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
 Al Shokur (India) Private Limited -- Exporters of bulk tea and value added packaged teas. Product listings, packaging options, company profile and contact information.
 Alexanders Gourmet Tea -- Importer and manufacturer specializing in black, green, and herbal tea products for the gourmet food trade, Organic and Kosher certified tea available also.
 Amazon Lanka Tea (Pvt) Ltd -- Manufacturers, processors and exporters of packaged and bulk tea and teabags. Black, green, and flavoured tea. Office in Sri Lanka.
 Apple Valley Group -- Manufacturers and exporters of assam tea, cashews, nuts and raw cashew importers.
 Asian Tea & Exports Ltd. -- Manufacturers, processors, packagers, and exporters of Indian black and green teas, with gardens in Darjeeling. Offices located in Calcutta.
 Australian Native Foods Management Ltd -- Description of and uses for Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) as well as recipes and Australian related links.
 Barnes & Watson Fine Teas -- Classic teas, hand-crafted in the tradition of the old world. Offices located in Seattle WA.
 Barry's Tea -- Blends include gold, green and classic and the speciality teas incorporating earl grey, Irish breakfast and decaffeinated.
 Bird's Nest -- Thai manufacturer. Company profile and product information.
 Boba World -- Fusion iced teas, lattes, and fruit juice beverages, with tapioca pearls. Locations in California.
 Brassica -- Offers tea containing the natural benefits of Green Tea with the long-lasting cancer-preventing compound found in broccoli in one cup of tea.
 Brooke Bond -- Packaged teas for the UK market. Tour an African tea plantation from planting through processing.
 Bubble Point -- Franchised chain of stores selling bubble tea and ice creams across Australia. Company profile, products, franchising and contact details.
 Bubble Tea Online Store -- Provides business kits for quick bubble tea business setup. Offers recipes, general information, and supplies.
 Bubble Tea Secrets -- Learn all you need to know about bubble tea, pearl tea or boba drinks. Add bubble tea to your business or make boba drinks at home.
 Bubble Tea Supply Australia -- Offers bubble tea supplies.
 Camellia Overseas Private Limited -- Bulk and packaged teas from Asia, Africa, and Georgia. Offices located in New Delhi, India.
 Cape Natural Tea Products -- Specializing in sourcing the best quality Rooibos and Honeybush tea as well as offering a range of single and blended teas in retail packaging.
 CCCI -- Northern America wholesaler of Yixing teapots.
 Ceylon Black Tea Company -- Exporters of black tea in bulk, tea packs and tea bags for brands or private labels.
 Ceylon Bulk Tea Exporters -- Exporter of Ceylon tea in bulk.
 Ceylon Tea Exotica -- Exporter of pure Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, bags, and gift packs. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
 Chakratea (PT -- Indonesian producer, blender, manufacturer, trader and exporter of green tea, black tea, and sencha/Japan tea.
 China FML Tea Trading Co.,Ltd. -- Chinese exporter of green tea,black tea,Oolong tea,white tea,and flavored tea,products in bulk, packet and teabags.
 China Tea and Herbalworld Co., Ltd. -- Taiwanese manufacturer of assorted tea products. Company profile, products and news.
 China Tushu Yunnan Tea I/E Corp. -- Supplier of tea products from the southwest plateau of China. Product information, tea history and health benefits.
 Chinese Tea from Malaysia -- Tork Shou Heong tea - In Malaysia for more than 50 years! It is specially selected from various types of chinese tea.
 Choice Organic Teas -- From cultivation, handling and packaging, these teas are inspected to insure organic integrity. Fair Trade certified.
 Chongqing Rongchang Hongfa Tea Co. -- A leading specialized black tea manufacturer and exporter in China.
 Clipper Teas Ltd Official Site -- Ethical tea company specialising in organic and fairtrade teas and coffees without exploitation to people and planet.
 ClubTea -- Informative site for tea buyers and sellers. Packing, custom blending, and private labeling. Tea auctions. Office located in Singapore.
 Coetzee & Coetzee (Pty) Ltd. -- Exporters of South African Rooibos and Honeybush teas.
 Continental Engineering Co. -- Manufacturer and exporter of sharpening tools for the stainless steel rolls on CTC machines used in the tea industry. Offices in Calcutta.
 Dai Than Tea -- Vietnamese exporter of black and green tea. Company profile and product details.
 Damron Corporation -- Makers of Harvest Delight Tea and private label tea products for commercial foodservice and retail distribution.
 Darshanlal Jagdish Parshad -- Offers information about the company and the tea that they produce.
 Delta Marketing Group -- Exporter and distributor of premium quality flavored, black, green and herbal teas from Sri Lanka.
 Dharma Teas -- Indonesian tea distributor offering black, green, oolong and herbal teas. Product details, brewing instructions and information on health benefits.
 Dhunseri Tea -- A premium quality tea corporation in India presents its corporate profile.
 Expolanka Teas (Pvt) Ltd -- Ceylon tea in bulk, loose-leaf, and tea bag forms. Office located in Sri Lanka.
 Ferntea Limited -- Group of companies engaged in exporting tea, tea machinery imports, transportation and the hospitality trade. Corporate profile and contact information.
 FETCO Corporation -- Equipment for brewing and serving hot and iced tea. Dispensers, brewers, filters. Office in US.
 Fine Teas (Private) Limited -- Exporter and packer of fine flavoured Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, bags, and gift packs. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
 Finlays -- Planting, production, and manufacture of bulk, bagged, instant, decaf, and freeze-dried teas. Office in London.
 Future Generation Co. Ltd -- Specializes in processing and export Vietnam tea.
 Ganeshka Kanoi Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd -- Calcutta based producer and exporter of tea. Offers information regarding tea history, great tea regions, tea processing, and the health benefits of tea.
 George Williamson (Assam) Limited -- Manufacturers and exporters of bulk tea.
 GmbH i. Gr. -- Unbleached, biodegradable filters in several sizes. Offices in Hannover, Germany.
 Gold Scarab -- Suppliers of premium quality rooibos (Red Bush) teabag infusions and African botanicals. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Golden Moon Tea -- Offers rare and exotic green, black, oolong, white and flavored teas.
 Golden Temple Natural Products -- Dutch suppliers of Indian teas. Products, recipes, tips and contact details.
 Golden Tips Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. -- Offers information about the company and the tea that they produce.
 Green Hills Tea Company -- Exporter of freshest Ceylon tea. Offers pure Ceylon Tea to international customers to their specifications.
 Guranse Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd. -- Premium organically grown Nepalese black teas. Thorough and well-illustrated tour of the process from garden through factory. Office in Nepal.
 Haelssen and Lyon -- German manufacturer of tea products. Ships worldwide. Company profile, products and services.
 Harney & Sons Tea -- Blenders of premium tea with extensive selection of black, green, and oolong teas, tea pots and accessories, iced, fruit, herbal and organic teas. Tea room consulting service.
 Harris Tea Company -- A worldwide network for sourcing tea. From producing tea to manufacturing tea bags, complete private label programs for foodservice and retail are available.s
 Herbal Teas of Africa -- North American distributor of rooibos and honeybush teas.
 Heritage Teas -- Exporter and packer of Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, teabags, and gift packs. Products, services, and contact information.
 Hezron International -- Canadian suppliers of Kenyan teas. Company and product information and contact details.
 Honest Tea -- Bottled iced tea in black, green, and herbal blends, freshly brewed and barely sweetened.
 House of Tea Tang -- Ceylon tea -- plain and flavoured -- in loose or bag form, with many packaging options. Also manufacture of tea accessories and gifts using indigenous materials and techniques. Office located in Sri Lanka.
 Hunan Kinglong Bio-resource Inc., -- Manufacturer and exporter of green tea extracts, botanical extracts and standardized herbal extracts.
 Imperial Teas (Pvt) Limited -- Exporter and packer of Ceylon teas in packets, bulk, and teabags. Fine and flavoured teas. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
 IMTC -- Exports Vietnamese teas.
 Indian Sector Report -- Detailed reports on the tea industry in India, including price, production, and exports databases. From India Infoline.
 Indian Yellow Pages: Tea -- Listing of tea exporters in India.
 Intaba Teas of Africa -- South African producers of tea products. Products, recipes, distribution and contact details.
 JFK International -- A Government of India recognised export house. They export tea, coffee, spices and other commodities.
 John Keells Plantation Sector -- Producers and exporters of a range of conventional and organic fine Ceylon black teas. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
 K. Manibhai and Co. -- Manufacturers and exporters of black, green, flavoured, herbal teas in bulk, tea bags, and packets.
 Kardoz Premium Tea -- Importer and distributor of single garden and blending teas from plantations in Sri Lanka, China, and India. Black, green, and organics. Offices in Connecticut.
 Kas & Kami International -- Sri Lanka Tea Board approved exporter of Pure Ceylon Tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
 Koala Tea Company -- Organic herbal and flavoured tisanes distributed worldwide. Offices located in NSW Australia.
 Kothari Plantations and Industries Ltd. -- Manufacturer and exporter of black, green and packet tea.
 La Tisaniere, Fruisanes : herbal teas -- Discover the world of infusions'herbs and the herbal teas La Tisaniere and Les Fruisanes
 Lee Kum Lan Tea Co. Ltd -- Offers a wide variety of fine quality Chinese tea.
 Leika Tea -- Leika Tea specialises in developing infusion products (tea, coffee and herbals). Offices located in Montreal. Site in English and French.
 Leros Herbal Teas -- Single herb and special formula teas for health and specific remedies. Company profile, product and contact information.
 Limtex Limited -- Producer-exporter of Indian tea.
 Lipton -- Producers of tea products for the international market. Products, recipes, history of tea and lifestyle tips.
 Lochan Tea -- From cultivation to consumption in India.
 Loring Coffees and Tea -- Private label tea bag packer in northern California.
 M & P's Tea -- Single estate teas and blends shipped worldwide. Office located in Japan.
 May Trading Company Limited -- Vietnamese company specialized in producing and processing many varieties of traditional green and black teas. Company and contact information.
 May Zest Tea Co., Ltd. -- Growers and processors of Taiwanese tea. Descriptions of tea species types. Contact information.
 Metropolitan Tea Company -- Loose and packaged teas. Teapots, infusers, and accessories, packaging supplies. Offices located in Toronto.
 MingCha Premium Chinese Tea -- Teguanyins, White teas, Puers, Gungfu Reds, Oolongs from Phoenix and Wuyi.
 MKB (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. -- Manufactures and exports high-grade Orthodox and CTC black teas to Europe, Americas, Central Asia and Far East. Wholesale enquiries entertained. Company profile, products and contact information.
 Mobius International Limited -- Manufacturer and exporter of Chinese green tea and oolong tea grow in provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Yunnan. Shipped in bulk or private label packaging. Company and contact details.
 Nagata Chaen -- Certified organically-grown Japanese green teas. Office located in Japan.
 Neelchem Laboratories -- Indian producers of tea products. Company profile, products and contact details.
 neptune Group of Companies -- Tea in bulk, loose-leaf, and teabag forms. Offices in Sri Lanka.
 Neptune Ice Bubble Tea Drinks -- Offers FAQs, varieties offered, and recipes.
 Oregon Chai -- Foodservice chai in concentrate and ready-to-serve forms. Office in US.
 Organic India -- Offers premium quality Tulsi tea, herbal health supplements, bulk herbs and natural foods, integrating Ayurveda with modern science. Products are 100% vegetarian and naturally produced.
 Planet Tea -- Planet Tea is a speciality tea company dedicated to the importing, blending and packing of certified organic, herbal and native Australian blends of tea.
 Priya Beverages and Appliances -- Supplier of vending machines and dispensers, ready-mix beverages such as tea and coffee.
 Pu-erh Tea Company -- Supplier of finest pu-erh tea, including pu-erh special tea, green tea, black tea. Company located in Yunnan, China.
 Qualitec -- Taiwanese supplier of bubble teas. Company profile, products, equipment and contact details.
 R.S.V. Nadar and Co. -- Indian processor and exporter of senna leaves. Products and contact details.
 Ranfer Group -- Exporter of Ceylon tea in consumer pack or customized to your needs.
 Rather Jolly Tea -- Importers of premium teas, tea cozies, and accessories. Teas available in bulk or retail packs. Offices located in Florida.
 Revolution Tea Company -- Loose leaf flavoured blends combining teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings. Brewing equipment for hot and iced teas. Marketing and customer support.
 Robert Wilson Ceylon Tea -- Suppliers of quality bulk and packaged Ceylon teas from selected estates. Offices located in Somerset UK and Sri Lanka.
 Rooibos Limited -- Rooibos Tea the Nectar of Nature. A unique beverage from the Western Cape, South Africa.
 Senok Tea -- We bring you a fine line of black, green and herbal teas.
 Shuemei Enterprise ltd. -- Supplier for the bubble tea business.
 Silkroad Inc. -- Provides top grade Long Jing (Dragon Well) green tea from Hangzhou, China. Product and contact information.
 Simpson and Vail, Inc. -- Fine teas, coffees, accessories, and gourmet foods wholesale to tea rooms and retailers. Consulting service for tea businesses.
 Southern Group Tea Exports -- Sri Lanka Tea Board approved exporter of Pure Ceylon Tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags. Company profile, products and contact information.
 Sri Lanka Tea Board -- Official home for Ceylon tea. Information about tea leaves, sales and marketing world wide, news of tea prices and tips.
 Standard Trading Company -- One of the top ten tea exporters in Sri Lanka. We export pure Ceylon tea in bulk, packeted or speciality forms to any part of the world.
 Stassen Australasia -- Supplies black, green, herbal, spiced, flavoured and organic teas in bulk and teabags for buyer's own packs.
 Stassen Group -- Conglomerate involved in exports of black, flavoured, green, and organic teas and importers of food items.
 Sunshine Wholesalers -- Distributors of Mingo Tea concentrate.
 Tata Tea -- Indian company exporting to the world.
 Tazo -- Bottled and packaged teas.
 Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Online -- Trade-oriented articles and resources.
 Tea Auction -- An online B2B reverse-auction for tea. It works by having the buyer submit an RFQ and then allow suppliers to bid on the sale.
 Tea Bodys Tea Company -- Tea Bodys provides the worlds finest teas to wholesale and retail trade.
 Tea Connexions -- Importer and wholesaler of Indian teas, both loose and teabags, in custom packaging of wood, metal, and papier-mache. Located in Saskatachewan, Canada.
 Tea on the Rocks -- Pre-brewed tea leaves available in a squeeze bottle with a built in measuring cup.
 Teacraft -- Tea processing and packing equipment. Storage and packaging supplies. Office located in UK.
 Teamland -- Chinese manufacturer of green tea extracts. Profile, products, materials and contact details.
 Teangle -- Offers tea in triangular teabags. -- Buy or sell wholesale Indian tea via online auction. Hourly updated information on the tea industry. Offices located in Calcutta.
 Tetley Canada -- Corporate site for tea retailer. Products, offers, contests and contact information.
 Tetley USA -- A full line of Tetley hot and iced black teas for consumer, food service, and private label buyers.
 The Very English Tea Company -- Corporate branded tea
 Third Street Chai -- Offers a chai recipe using only the finest all-natural ingredients: select-cut black tea, natural sugar, and imported cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves and other exotic spices.
 Trans-Herb Inc -- Offers more than 20 years of expertise in formulating and conditioning herbal, flavored and medicinal teas.
 Tylos of London -- Indian teas in bags, tin caddies, and consumer packs. Offices in California, London, and Sri Lanka.
 United Mills -- Manufacturer and exporter of herbal and fruit teas. Includes company history and recipes.
 Van Rees -- One of the leading international suppliers and processors of tea.
 Victorian Finest Teas -- Producer and exporter of Ceylon black tea and green tea in bulk, packets, gift packs and tea bags.
 Vietnam National Tea Corporation -- Large state-owned tea producer and exporter in Vietnam, exporting to 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East; supplying black and green teas, bulk or packs.
 Wanghai Tea -- Manufacturer and exporter of Chinese green and organic tea.
 Wissotzky's Tea -- Israeli tea company, founded in Russia decades ago, and offers kosher teas and infusions. Offices located in Israel.
 Yunling -- Supplier of a variety of Chinese tea and coffee products. Product information and contact details.
 Yuyao Siming Tea Biological Products Co, Ltd. -- Chinese manufacturer of green tea extract, instant tea extract, and green tea powder.

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