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 50th State -- Distributor of active video arcade machines. Small selection of used equipment for sale.
 Ads from the past -- A collection of pictures of advertising flyers for old arcade games such as Zaxxon, Frogger and Centipede.
 AGH Museum -- Atari coin-op museum. Contains ads, data sheets, and cabinet pictures.
 AOVG -- A historical and witty look at the aesthetics of video games on a cultural level and its impact on society.
 Arcade at the Movies -- Arcade games seen in movies.
 Arcade Belgium -- Information on arcade games in Belgium. Features news, a location list with search engine, articles and a marketplace.
 Arcade Classics Information -- Deliver information about 'classic' games.
 Arcade Game Annex -- Screenshots, music, switch settings, pinouts, and repair information.
 Arcade Games Database -- Database covering coin-op video games, includes screenshots and artwork, and hardware specifications.
 Arcade History Database -- History, trivia, codes and secrets, staff information and ports.
 Arcade Mania -- Arcade links, emulators, ROMs and all sorts of arcade related stuff.
 Atari Company-Confidential document website -- Inside information on old arcade games from Atari.
 Atari System 1 Page -- About the System 1 used in games such as Marble Madness, Roadblasters and Road Runner.
 CG Expo Photos -- Photos taken by Donald A. Thomas, Jr. at the Classic Gaming Show in Las Vegas 1999.
 Classic Games Location List -- A list of locations with classic arcade games.
 Classic Overlays -- Contains control panel overlays, marquee replacements, bezel underlays, and side art.
 Classic Video Games Nexus -- A nearly complete and organized list of links related to classic video games (Atari 2600, and Pac-Man). -- Comprehensive database of coin-operated arcade games.
 Custom Arcades -- Builder of custom PC Based Arcade Machines.
 Cybercade -- Arcade sounds and icons, flyers and manuals, wanted list and JAMMA pinouts.
 Dallas Fort Worth Arcade and Game Centers -- A directory of Dallas Fort Worth's arcade centers.
 Dragons Den -- Information on building custom arcade games.
 FPGA Arcade -- Information about recreating gaming hardware from the past in modern programmable devices, known as FPGAs.
 GameArchive: Atari Video Games -- Atari vector games.
 GameArchive: Video Games Homepage -- Covers all types of information on collecting classic arcade video games.
 GLS1 Electronics -- Offers repair of Galaga, Ms Pacman, Missile Command, and Defender logic boards using a computer aided testing system. Features technical information.
 Home Arcade Games -- Educating consumers on what to look out for when buying video games and pinball machines.
 How to Win Arcade Games -- Playing tips for some classic arcade games.
 Internet Amusements -- Sells and operates coin-operated equipment and accessories. Based in central Minnesota.
 Invader -- MacMAME gaming community. Contains downloads, high scores, online games, and forums.
 IREM -- Makers of R-Type.
 ITS Canada -- Canadian home of ITS - the makers of Golden Tee Golf.
 James's Basement Bar -- MAME project, restoration photos of Dragon's Lair II machine, and links.
 James's Gameroom -- Includes information on making a MAME machine, a Dragon's Lair II project, and ArcadeLink - an organized database of arcade-specific web sites.
 Jeff Lee and Ann Hullihan Lee Home Page -- Jeff is, among other roles, an artist, working primarily for the last 15 years in the video game industry. His best known creation is Q*Bert.
 Jim Skilskyj's Arcade Repair Page -- Contains information about arcade game repair and emulation.
 Jim's Arcade page -- Considerable amount of technical information about coin-ops. Also has some of his personal machines plus for sale and trade items.
 Jim's Gameroom -- Information on select classic games with pictures and technical information.
 JROK's Web Pages -- Arcade game web pages, free games, emulators and schematics.
 JSP Customer Service Center -- Computer and electronic products, computer services and digital software to dealers, service centers and consumers world wide since 1988.
 Killer List Of Videogames (KLOV) -- A searchable encyclopedia of coin-operated video games containing technical information, descriptions, cabinet pictures and screen shots.
 Lawnmower Man's Toolshed -- ROM checksums and information about classic games.
 Mark's Arcade Retro Site -- Site for video arcade game enthusiasts.
 Mas Systems -- Manufacturer of arcade related products for the home, as well as for professionals. -- MAME ROM downloads, arcade emulators and game information.
 Memories of a Vector World -- An article from 'SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Newsletter' about vector games.
 Mixed Bag -- Various FAQs and information texts about arcade games. -- Resources for the arcade machine enthusiast. Specializing in Ms. Pac-Man, Rolling Thunder, Food Fight, Golden Axe, Shinobi, and Shadowdancer.
 National Coin-Op and Video Game Museum -- A detailed article and tour of this lost treasure.
 Post-Age Collectibles -- Variety of collectibles from records to books to pinball parts.
 Ravster's UKVAC/RGVAC Euthopia -- Site covering arcade trading, marquees, the restoration of a Defender cabinet, links and such.
 Retro Arcades -- Dedicated to arcade video games of the 80s. Reviews and screen captures. -- Classic videogame nostalgia.
 Retrodaddy's Realm -- Arcade game collector that also has information about emulation.
 Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks -- Site for classic arcade game hints & tips, for instance Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Galaga.
 Ron's Arcade -- Contains information such as new MAME keyboard interface, Gauntlet Dual Game and Gauntlet Pause Game with monitor burn in protection.
 Sean Riddle's Home Page: Arcade Games -- Williams, Midway, and Cinematronics information.
 Sega Vector Game Page -- A site dedicated to the vector games from Sega.
 Sounds from the arcade -- For anyone who needs to hear more of the classic arcade machines from the 80's. Includes sounds from Crazy Climber, Ms. Pac Man, Wizard of War, Crystal Castles, Donkey Kong, Gauntlet and Toobin.
 The Arcade Art Library -- Collection of arcade art including marquees, side art, bezels, and control panel overlays available as high-resolution files suitable for printing.
 The Arcade Flyer Archive -- An archive for classic arcade and videogame flyers.
 The Atari Library -- Information about Battlezone, Tempest, Centipede, Missile Command, and Asteroids.
 The Basement Arcade -- Contains reviews, sounds, history, and articles.
 The Bronze Age Arcade Game Archive -- Games from 1971-1980.
 The Kane's PlayChoice 10 Tribute Site -- Provides information about the Ninteno PlayChoice 10 Video Arcade Game system; history of the machine; the games it supported; and its architecture.
 The Superdeformed Classic Video Games Page -- Links to console, arcade, handheld, and computer video game sites.
 Thomas' Arcade Page -- Read his diary detailing experiences fixing video games and pinballs.
 Toaplan Arcade Game Index -- A site about the games from Toaplan the company behind games starting with games like Tiger Heli and Slap Fight, ending with Batsugun, including Flying Shark, Twin Cobra and Out Zone.
 Tony's Video Arcade Classics Page -- Contains among other things a game photo album.
 Total Arcade -- Covers video arcade, pinball and home systems.
 Twin Galaxies -- Official scoreboard for video game and pinball hi-scores.
 Unofficial Taito Cutesy Game Archive -- Resources and information about the classic Taito arcade platformers and puzzle games such as Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands.
 Vancouver Classic Video Games Club -- A non-profit organization dedicated to classic videogaming and the support of classic videogamers in and around the Vancouver area.
 Video Game [R]evolution, The -- Review of the Video Game Museum in St. Louis; in ACM Crossroads, the student magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery.
 Vintage Coin Operated Fortune Tellers, Arcade Games, Digger/Cranes, Gun Games and other Penny Arcade games, pre-1977 -- Features game information, images of ads as well as pictures of classic games, and links.
 Williams Documentation -- Information on Williams arcade machines. Offers manuals and news.

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